CHANGES are well overdue

Gerard M Laurent - March 24 2009, 1:15 AM

What is the Presdent going to do as far as making Haiti safer and secure for those who would like to return and live there?

Establish a free education process to the poor who wants an education but are not able to afford it. 90% of the children in haiti are illiterate not to mention the teachers who themselves are struggling in that situation.

Clean the country especialy down town, the market places, and the area surrounding the Palace.

How can you have a maximum security jail downtown haiti in the midst of population?

it need to be moved to the outskirts.

The people needs constant running drinking water.

Electricity is a joke, I spent a week vacationing in my once beautiful country and I was devastated of the situation.

I had no running water the electricity was given for a hour that first night I arrived, than it was on the next day for an hour during the day and it went on the same until I left and there was a day it never came on. Surely the President of this empoverish country is able to access equipement from the so call the strong arm of the world (the United State) there helping evryone else why not US I work at a port where I see power turbine for electricity being shiped to Trindad and other foreign countries.

Are we to proud to beg for help?

The people have no hope and nor do I, to see my country change befor I die. I would like to take my sons and the rest of my family so they can see where their father and their grand parents were born, but how can I?

I had the misfortunate incident where I almost got killed because I was trying to correct and educate a young man who had cussed out an elderly woman.

I chased and grabed the young man to explained to him that the lady was older and need to be shown respect.

I was almost killed I let him go for fear of my life. I paticipated in 1994/95 with the US military during that peaceful invasion, worked as a liguinst throught the country and worked in the palace as a QRF (quick reactionary force) from then till now I see very little chages during my visits.

Every carib.

countries and even our neighbor on the other side of the frontier are advancing.

Why arent we all we do is take giant steps backwards.

The cutting of the trees for firewood needs to stop, all the are doing is creating problems potential mud slides.

No trees, no roots, no grass the dirt moves easily and swiftly when the rain comes.


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