Hi mr. laurent. Many of us share your frustration and you...

Rft - March 24 2009, 7:01 AM

hi mr. laurent.

Many of us share your frustration and you raise some good points but I am afraid you follow the same erroneous argument as too many well-minded Haitians or Americans of Haitian descent.

1. The Haitian government can tackle all of Haiti's problems without any capital input and determination from the Haitian people.

No it can't and it won't. Lack of determination and capital input from the Haitian is the reason why Dessalines, Boyer, Geffrard, Saget, and Septimus Rameau were not successful in creating a national bank during their era.
2. Electricity 24/7 requires huge capital investments that are hard to come by. Privatization is the only to raise those capital.

The Haitian government has no means to fix the electric grid
3.You alone cannot change Haiti, you need to join the rest of us in a national plan. Dont take matter into your own hands and think you can change Haitians one at a time; you wont succeed and will jeopardize your life.


CHANGES are well overdue

What is the Presdent going to do as far as making Haiti safer and secure for those who would like to return and live...

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