I understand the pain that is crossing your veins, you...

Jean-esdrace Germain Charles - March 28 2009, 10:15 PM

I understand the pain that is crossing your veins, you arteries up to your heart my friend.

I found myself in a similar situation while I was in a public truck at port au price about 10 years ago. I intervened between two young men to protect a young woman from sexual assault and I almost myself knocked out.I don't want to ponder on the adverse side of things but we must be aware of them.

Security is a major issue in haiti, but as long as we focus and spend all our energy solly on security, we will never be able to solve the problem of our nation.

The security problem is not originating from itself and it is not main problem of Haiti.

It is only a result of other major problems that need to be addressed first or parallely.

I really trusted the leadership qualities of President Preval in dealing with issues and put the country in the path of change for good. I also believe in the members of his cabinet to carry out his goals around the country.

The crisis of Haiti can easily be solved if only and simply the right approach is adopted.

The problem needs to be analyzed in a "cause and effect" perspective rather than trying to solve the effects alone.

Electricity in itself is a result of the main problems.

For example, here in the USA, if we don't pay for the electricity they will come and cut it off for non payment.

Therefore not having electricity is not the problem but its cause is the problem.

That is where the solution needs to start.

All policies should written and implemented based on the causes to produce different effects such as paying for electricity, road construction, schools, healcare, police forces

The right approach is everything.

That is all Mr. President Preval and his cabinet need to do to help the country get out of this mess.

Respect and Peace !!!!


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