Why can Haiti set an import duty for all imports

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My brother- inlaw who is haitian sent a school bus to Haiti which is valued at and bought for $3,500.00. The bus arrived at the port of saint-Marc since February the 6th. He flew to Haiti to pay the duty at the port and was not able to due to corruption.You have to use racketeers at the port, you can not file the paperwork by yourself even if you can and want to. what type of stupid system is this. They asked him for $52,000.00 Haitian more than 200 per cent what the bus worth, when he barked, they told him $32,000.00 Haitian.

They asked him part of it and after he gave it to them, they told him he wont be able to get the bus until the 26th of February.

We may need help on this.

Why can Haiti stop all this corruption by setting a price by the book for all import duties like modern countries do?

Rebecca Chenoweth, February 19 2009, 12:33 AM

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