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Francois E - January 1 2007, 7:17 PM

On that Aristide subject, I don't even want to write about it anymore.

Because for some of you I just don't get it. You come on here and start writing a bunch of crap, make a bunch of accusations without any facts.

You hate someone and you don't even know why you hate him. And even when someone would provide you with reasons not to hate that person, you will still follow the same nonsense you started with. What you believe before is what you will always believe.

You never step back and take another look at your position and understand yourself.

You will never admit that you didn't understand before or you were wrong.

I have never met any Haitian who ever admit that they were wrong or change their position on anything.

And I think that that s our greatest weakness.

For example, someone would come on here and say Aristide was the worst president ever, and you will ask him why, and he will start with a bunch of accusations, and then ask him for his source, then he can say anything.

Was he ever investigated?

Was he ever charged?

Were there ever any eye-witness or documents or any evidence?

Are those sources credible?

You know what your problem is; you take everything so personal and fail to look at things in the greater picture.

Because you lose something under Aristide does not mean he was a bad president, look at his accomplishment?

Was all his decision for the greater good of Haiti?

I am not a fan of anyone, Aristide or anybody else; you don't have to be a fan of Aristide, but you have to tell it how it is. Stop making false accusation.

Look at the man accomplishments and judge him. Grow up.
Personally, I think Aristide was a great leader.

He did with little he has the best he could have done. The only mistake he made was underestimating how far foreign powers would go to get him out. And I truly believe that following Aristide legacy is the key to a better Haiti.

Ask me why?

Because the little time he spent in power, he has accomplished more than what was accomplished in century.

He understood whose Haiti s true friend are. He understood that Haiti could no longer count on any foreign aid if it wants to become independent and prosperous.

He understood that < SE GRES KOCHON AN KI KWIT KOCHON AN> meaning that if Haiti wants to claim its place in the world, development has to come within, with the resources the country has. And one of the most important of all is taxes, he understood to help the farmers, the poor, the common Haitian, to build road, to construct monuments, parks, he needed to collect taxes.

Any government in any great country in the world collect taxes.

That is how they operate.

The U.S, the Canadian, the Japanese, the French, the British government.

All of them collect taxes from its people.

This is how they are able to invest in the infrastructure of their country.

That is how the pay police, government workers, roads, bridge, tunnels ect ...

when a government is elected into office, money don't just fall out of the sky. They don't just have a river of money waiting for them where they can just give it to people.

The money has to come from somewhere, and Aristide understood that it has to come from within, not international donors because once they are lending you money they are going to dictate what you should do with it. And there is nothing you can do about.

When Aristide comes into power, all money aid that was supposed to be given to Haiti was frozen.

To destabilize the country they didn't give the government any money.

And you know why, because Aristide had a vision for the country, because Aristide wanted to do well for the masses, and they don't like that.
For example, don't you ever wonder why foreign powers are always eager to give food to Haiti?

Don't you ever ask yourself why they don't just teach the people how to cultivate the rice better so they can get better earnings?

Like why don't they just show the people how to do it, instead of just give them to them. It would have certainly cost those foreign powers less money.

Well the reason is because they want you to always need them, they want you to always be dependable of them.
My dear Haitian, open your eyes, see things for what they are. Don't just let your ego have the best of you. Make good judgement.

Any body can be wrong the first time, the question is will you continue to be wrong or will you embrace reality.

Respect the man.
Below are a few accomplishment of Aristid
Doing Aristide short time time in power, 299 new schools were built, 195 new primary schools, 104 new public schools.

Some of those schools were constructed in area where there have never been school before.

Free books and uniforms were distributed to unprivileged students throughout the country.

Doing his time in power, we have developed better relationship with the Cubans as a result we have thousands of Cuban doctors serving in Haitian s hospitals with no cost. We have had more Haitian students study medicine in Cuba. More hospital than ever in our history has been built throughout the country.

Under his presidency, we have developed better relationship with Taiwan, as a result, almost all the Haitians police cars were provided by Taiwan.

They have donated to us school buses, police cars, construction truck and a bunch of other equipment.

They have rebuilt our international airport, our stadium.

And the list goes on and on. Doing his presidency, he had increased the minimum wage for ordinary workers, he had doubled it. Throughout the country, he had constructed low cost housings for thousands of poor Haitians.

He has reconstructed `` champs de mars, ti plas cazeau`` and the list goes on. Under his presidency, credit, tools, fertilizers, heavy equipment were delivered to thousands of farmers throughout the country.

To facilitate agriculture, irrigation system were been repaired.

More than 50 000 new trees were planted.



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