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Mr. Mark, thanks for the compliments and I also have to admit that your comments are always very rational and well written.

I want to congratulate you on that.
However, throughout my comments, I was always careful not to ever suggest that Aristide did not cause harm to any group in Haiti that is because I don't know if he had. But I can tell you this though, during Aristide second term in power, everything was working against him.
He had in one side foreign powers who were putting a lot of pressure on him. When it was apparent that he was going to win the election, all financial aid to Haiti were being cancelled, order from the American president.

He had around him a bunch of elected politicians who didn't want to work unless he resigned.

I wonder how realistic it is that a president who is been elected by 92% of the population would resign because of pressure from elected politicians in that country.

Hmmm! What a hoax! How patriotic!
He had the business leaders in the country that didn't want to cooperate with him. They didn't show any respect to his authority.

I have seen many reports where many times he would have set meeting with them, but they wouldn't show up. Many times, different groups in the country would set meeting in the Dominican Republic to discuss the future of Haiti and yet he was never invited.

Feel the frustration.

And at the same time all of those were going on, he had the population that was expecting a lot from him, like he could have done some miracle for them. The president was overwhelmed with problems, so of course it would have been naïve of me to suggest that he didn't cause any harm to anyone.

Of course it is plausible that he may have used intimidation, and have allowed harm to be done to some. But at the same time, I don't believe that we should let those faults alone overshadow his accomplishments because many of what he did is the key to Haiti `s success.

As I pointed out before, and Mr. Selondieu, Yourself and others have put it
Understanding who Haiti's true friends are, making sure that everyone in Haiti pays their taxes, fight corruption, better training for the police force so they understand that their jobs are not to oppress the population but to protect them, Investing into the country's infrastructure, hospitals, schools, clean water, affordable housings, investing in agriculture, in industry, building monuments, libraries, parks, roads, tunnels, bridges to better relationships with the different departments, and please update the Haitian's school systems so every student have access to a computer, building better relationship between the poor and the rich, have some trade regulation, protect national product, make sure when we are buying from a country that country in return will also buy from us, protect the Haitian's currency, open Haiti to tourism, reconstruction of some part of the country, specially the capital, build bigger, larger, better, stop building things for today and tomorrow's used only, build for a decade from now, a century from now, and so forth.

I am very glad that we all agree that our objective is to better Haiti.

So let s work on suggestions and do our part to make that happen.

Like Mr. Selondieu suggested, we should all make a list of all the things we wish for Haiti, and start working toward making that happen.

Action speaks louder than words.

Let us all prove our pledge to Haiti.

Francois E, January 2 2007, 10:11 PM


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