a good leader to some

Mark - January 1 2007, 11:59 PM

I agree with you my friend the subject of Aristide is too controversial, it's in the past we should leave it there.

I admit your comments are always very intelligent and insightful.

Many of the things you say are true, in regards to Haiti's relationship with foreign powers.

The relationship is exploitive.

However I believe that we are also responsible for where we are and at some point we must take charge of our destiny and stop the blaming game. Where I disagree is when you say many of us accuse Aristide of being a bad president unjustly.

You talked about some of the great things he did while president.

I admit you mentioned some things i didn't know myself.

But then you said we never step back to question anything we hear and you also said we don't like to admit we're wrong.

That is not true for all us. I'm asking you to do the same, step back a little and ask yourself why is it so hard for you to believe that Aristide could have persecuted some Haitians.

Is he not a man who's capable of wrongdoings?

I heard him demonizing the elite, the ones with money, the mulattoes.

Many of his speeches about race relations in Haiti really worsened the matter.

Instead of providing a solution to the wealthy and Mulattoes issues he used it to his advantage.

He encouraged the mass population to despise the wealthy class He wanted to show some of the mass population he was on their side by making these comments.

He should have been on the side of all of us, not just a group.

He was a great leader to some; to those who did not share his views.

Well he dealt with them very harshly.

We needed a good leader for the entire country.

Many of the things he did was to help himself stay in power.

Being that you're a reasonable man follow your own advice ask yourself is it impossible that Aristide could have persecuted some of the population?

There are Iraqis protesting the excecution of Saddam because he treated them well while the Kurds and others he murdered by the thousands are rejoicing.

This is not to provoke you I just want you to realize that what a man is to you he's not the same to another.

We both might be right on our account.



On that Aristide subject, I don't even want to write about it anymore. Because for some of you I just don't get it...

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