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Mr. Selondieu I must apologize to you. Some of my past comments were purely aimed at provoking you. It was not the thing to do. It seemed you had refused to accept the fact that not all Haitians experience the same treatment under Aristide.

It's ok that we've had different experiences, but we must respect each other's differences.

Because like you many of us know what we're talking about.

Whenever a president is elected there are people who will never be happy simply because of selfish reasons.

Yet the government should refrain itself from violating the rights of these people.

I'm glad that you mentioned Jesus, because from reading the bible and biblical history I never came on anyone who said Jesus mistreated or abused him. Still many people despised him, particularly the religious leaders.

They claimed he was the son of God because he was a threat to their position and status.

Well you know how the story end. It's a new year all Haitians need to come together; from rich to poor, light skinned and dark skin. No leader should use the race card or set one group against another.

No foreign country will provide the solutions or develop Haiti, what little they do. They do it out of their own national interest.

When you get a dollar from them, the've already taken 20 from resources your country offers.

So it's up to us Haitians to change our country but we can't do it divided.

As for the questions you asked.

There will always be those who oppose, because their personal interests are threatened.

If and when such group overstep its boundary then the government should deal with it according to the law. Not through intimidation or other methods of persecution.

Look it at the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King Jr. one of my heroes.

Many whites hated the momvement because it threatened their self interest.

As one of many leaders Martin Luther King Jr. never used or encouraged violence or destruction to white's properties to get his point across.

He fought a moral battle through marches and speeches that appealed to the humanity and the kind-heartedness that exists in many of us. We need a leader who consider himself as the president to all Haitians not a group.

I hope Preval can be that leader.

Mark, January 2 2007, 1:33 PM


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Mr. Selondieu I must apologize to you. Some of my past comments were purely aimed at provoking you. It was not the... read more >
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