Deadly Food Riots In Haiti

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Watch the Deadly Food Riots In Haiti video, ANCHOR Officials in southern Haiti say at least people are daed after demonstrations against rising food prices turned into riots U N Secretary General Ban Ki moon is calling on the international community and Haiti s leaders to keep up their efforts to bring stability to the country STORY Scores of Haitians rioted in the southern town of Les Cayes blocking roads and looting stores Some also fired shots at UN peace keepers and they fired back in response Haitians have been staging sporadic protests against the soaring cost of food for two days running Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas and prices for the basics rice beans and fruit have rising by 50 per cent in the last year Jean Marie Student The government does not understand anything about the people They do not listen to the people all they do is manage the game of politics First it was about corruption then about double nationality and now again about corruption We want them to know we understand the game the government s playing all we ask is to bring down food prices Prime Minister Jacques Edouard Alexis condemned the violence but said drug dealers had manipulated the demonstrations Jacques Edouard Alexis Haitian Prime Minister Do not let others tell you what is not right For example when they blame the UN for the high cost of living the Haitian government does not spend any money on the UN s budget He announced 10 million will be put towards bringing down food costs and putting people to work Les Cayes is reported tense after the riots with the UN bolstering its forces to the volatile country in a bid to restore calm

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Saintavil B Line says...

J'ai vu le vidéo, mais ça ne me parait pas étrange puisque je mène une lutte acharnée dans la commune de Dondon pour aider les enfants démunis et les familles vulnérables à mieux être et à mieux valoir.

Je suis Président Directeur Général d'un centre dénommé« CENTRE POUR LE REDRESSEMENT DES ENFANTS DEMUNIS DE DONDON».C'est pourquoi que j'ai toujours sollicité l'appui et la collaboration des bienfaiteurs de l'humanité pour aider ces enfants et ces familles en difficultés

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