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I agree with your assertion anyone who is trying to undermine...

I agree with your assertion anyone who is trying to undermine the Dominican help to Haiti is purely ignorant and... more »

RE: Former Haitian Presidents Help Needed

CNN: Aristide answers to our call to go help the needy Hatians in this time of need. We are given ourselves 72 hours... more »

Racism: Plane Full With Mulattoes To Florida CNN

This morning CNN has shown a U.S. plane landed in Florida full with mulattoes for treatments while dark skinned... more »

Re: Haiti a State of Emergency

President Obama will address the nation tomorrow about Haiti. Thanks God we have Barack as president of the U.S. on... more »

Re: Scientists Had Predicted . When?

CNN just stated that scientists had predicted that an earthquake could hit Haiti 2 years ago. Haitian people said they... more »

Re: Haiti Needs Clothes Food and Medical Supplies

To all Red Cross Technicians, Haiti needs food, clothes, and other material goods. I will send over the list of those... more »

Hi Jean Pierre, I am recruiting for the demolition in...

Hi Jean Pierre, I am recruiting for the demolition in Port-Au-Pce and I will add your name as quickly as possible. As... more »

Re: Haitian Doctors' Association Overseas

To all Haitian doctors that want to volunteer to help please contact the U.S. government website to know how you can... more »

Re: Haitian Lawyers' Association Overseas...

To all Haitian Lawyers: Please start collecting foods, clothes and other material good to help 98% of uninsured... more »

Re: To All Haitian Churches In the U.S.

I am calling on the Association of all Haitian pastors in the United States and Canada to start collecting foods... more »

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