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No Army also No Presidency

In an effort to save money and lower the expenses of our beloved Repblic of Haiti. We "Les Jeunes D'Haiti" want to... more »

Reply: Forget Army Let s move on

OK! Forget the Army also forget the Presidency. Keeping the presidency is more expensive than the army. The last time... more »

Reply: Lea tu n as rien compris jusqu ici

Mr. Aristide Magic: Your description of "Bourgeoisie" is only real for countries such as: France, Luxemburg, Germany... more »

Reply: New haitian army

Ben B: You must be outside of Haiti to see things that way. Again, here in Haiti, we do not have a police problem... more »

Reply: The Haitian Army

Jerry: I agree with you that the army has made several mistakes including these series of military coups(We used to... more »

Reply: No pride when we messed up allover

Ayisyen Patriot: I like the very end of your comment. and I want to respond on my own, not for the group. I understand... more »

Reply: Lea al chita tande pitite

Si je comprend, L'armee d'Haiti etait l'ennemi du peuple et maintenant les Chimeres sont les amis du peuple. Le peuple... more »

Reply: I am out. No more Opininons

Ayisyen Patriot, DO NOT GIVE UP! Haiti does not belong to him. Haiti belong to us.It is time for them to accept... more »

Reply: Garde National

A"Garde National" or a "Garde Lavalas"?? why not calling it "Volontaire de la Securite Lavalas" or VSL.Because this is... more »

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