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T O MY friends in the white house in PAP haiti

Dear friends I am replied to you as a good friend who try the best he can to help the haitian children in haiti,so I... more »

So bonjour Mr le president Rene gacia preval chef en son...

So bonjour Mr le president Rene gacia preval chef en son bureau.Mr le president nous sommes les reprentant du cmmite... more »

message of the river of ROUYONNE IN LEOGANE

about the river larouyonne who keep giving us in leogane problems, problems every time a little rain fall in the top... more »

info about the condition of the school in haiti

good morning Mr le president RENE G. PREVAL POURQUOI avez vous laisse gaspiller tous sea argents de la population dans... more »

info about the salary minimum

good morning Mr the president RENE GACIA PREVAL SO i take the time to ask you something about he minimum salary for... more »

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