I am a nobody. u don't know me

Ayisyen Patriyot - December 28 2006, 11:47 PM

Please Jolibois or whomever u r, do not try to use the same strategy.

Who am I?

_ a stupid business owner who is losing money every day and I have to drive a taxi to cope with my bills.

It is true that I have an MBA from a good university but no one is hiring now because of the war and there are so many people with experience out there.

Experience is a key to success but what you gonna do if no one gives you a chance.

If I used to see Mr Baker is because I was part of a group founded by students from the school I went to and I decided to join because I wanted to help.
Mr Baker never did anything for me in particular.

I am not a bourgeois.

I am an ugly black man who is struggling right now to even pay the bills.

I love my country more than anything else and that's why I am saying aristid was a bad thing for it.
Menace or not. Haiti will survive.

IF you know me lavalas, just come and kill me. I am so poor right now, death would be a good thing.

But I have 3 beautiful children who were borne in the US. THe first one, a boy, is very smart; the second, a girl, is so beautiful; the third, another girl, is only 3 months old.
So what the heck?

Do whatever you want CHIME_CRIMINEL_mangeur de C A C A.
Hey you, do not tell me to watch my language now that that blind fanatic criminal of Jolibois has threatened to extinguish me.
You know who I am. How the f do I know your name is what you say?

You're such an idiot.

Aristide chased all the intellectuals of the lavalas movement away. He kept only the blind followers and the masisisusekok tankou ou menm jolibwa.

Tu portes bien ton nom. Aristide is a freak.

He probably liked yours and gave you a lot of money.

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Aristide is nothing but a smart slot and thief

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We had such a big hope with his election to the...

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