Aristide the undisputed

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When I see Haitian writing bad things about the leader who truly understood them, it really saddens me. They have been set up and no one saw it coming.

They have been played all along, and they never realized that. They have been told to believe something and they believe it without any accurate judgement.

What they don't understand and I want to make it clear for anyone who is seeing this, foreign powers know your weaknesses.

They know how to make you walk, how to make you dance, how to silent you. You would be impressed by how much they know about you. Since I am having problem with my connection and wont have time to explain myself clearly, I will just say this; I am begging every Haitians to stop making judgement from just speculation, to not condemn someone based on something someone else told you, I am asking all Haitian to not believe everything they hear but make their own judgement, To look at a situation from many different prospective.

That is why we are born with our brain, to think, to analyze.

I have not known any Haitian who has said something bad about Aristide that is not based on rumours, something someone else said or the media reports.

Come on people.

Think about the events that lead to what happened in 2004. Think about the facts.

Do some creative thinking

Francois, December 29 2006, 5:41 PM

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Jolibois Selondieu, 29-Dec-06 6:16 pm


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