understanding where we are

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Haiti can be better when our leaders understand that none of their neighbouring countries want to see a better Haiti.

This is not rocket-science.

You don't have to be an intellectual to understand that. Let `s looks at it carefully

How would life change in the Dominican Republic if Haiti becomes socially and economically prosper:
First in an economical point of view
.businesses in the Dominican Republic wouldn't find any Haitian coming to their country to work in cane field for almost no money.

Job that even Dominicans wouldn't do.

Every year the Dominican Republic collects more than $5 billions from tourisms alone.

Imagine how the tourism industry would have changed in the Dominican Republic if Haiti was stable enough to have tourist coming in.
.Haiti buys almost anything in the Dominican Republic, from banana to plaintain, sugar, dress, almost anything you can think of. Every year we buy for more than $1billion of goods from the Dominican Republic, and for how much do they buy from us, well less than $30. Imagine that
For the United States is about the same thing, 80.8% of all the things that we buy is from the United States.

Things that they usually buy from china and sell them to us. anything from rice to chicken, electronics to toothbrush, textures.

Everything, we buy even their garbage, their wastes.

And how much do they buy from us. They buy something for like $2 and they sell it to you for $100, no questions ask. The things that Haiti sells to them are fruits which represent nothing because their currency is so high.

So Haitians imagine what would that be like to them if Haiti was a stable country with a government that could have trade policies that would require a country to buy an amount from us before we can buy from them. A country capable of producing so much that it won't have to buy so much from foreign government.

Imagine if Haiti could compete in the world market.

Imagine if Haiti could become once more a tourist destination with millions coming every years.

I am very confident that Haiti can move toward becoming self-sufficient, prosperous.

But we really do need to understand where we are and where we want to get to and how we can get there.

Francois, December 29 2006, 8:18 PM

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