aristid messed it up

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We had such a big hope with his election to the presidency.

He started acting like a mentally incapable.

A.-He came with a cat on TV, caressing it, promising to hunt the same cats
B.- You remember what happened on the 5th of December 1990 at one of his campaign meetings in Petion Ville where a grenade exploded and several people lost their arms and/or legs; there were, I think, 2 deaths.

After he became president, he treated those victims like dogs. They were on the streets asking for some sort of compensation, he dogged them out. Under pressure, he finally received some of them in the palace, and his heartless speech was like: " if something happened to you while you were trying to do something for your country, my gouvernment owes you nothing", then he sent them away with a few bucks for each in an envelope with a mean look so they would never come back.
I said to myself:" NO no no! that's not the way you treat your fans, those who made it happen for you"
"La reconnaissance est une lachete peut-etre"

Anyway, WHy we keep talking about the past. He cannot be president anyway, anymore, anywhere.

Someone suggested he built schools.

I thought Preval started when he was prime minister, and when he became president.

The second and third aristid did nothing but destroying everything on his way, killing everything that dares to question his capacity, his management style, his inhumanity, his sadism, cynicism,..

JeanDo was killed under his watch because he told Preval, his friend, that elections could not be organized with one candidate, and that he should open up for the opposition to participate by nominating a new electoral council.

Aristide objected it because the coward was scared as his popularity had started to fade away, he needed no opposition to challenge him. Shamelessly, he took over power to continue the destruction, the same politics of hate, arrogance, wickedness, intimidation, kidnapping, and what not...The rest is history.

Now came Preval back. He is no longer associated with aristid.

People voted him for what he did and was trying to do.
aristid will never come back to this land of Dessalines, Christophe, and Capois La Mort.
He's a mediocre.

His charisma no longer attacts because he has nothing new to say. Il n'a plus de mousses car elles se sont toutes emoussees.

SO let's move on. Let's pray Preval stays healthy so he can continue the democratic process, and fight violence and obscurantism, and unify the country for a common cause.

I know he can do it. aristid is no longer there to push him to the swimming pool, or slap his prime minister on the face, or kill his wife's dog.
He's free now. But he has to take care of the zenglens first.

Menacez menacez jolibwa -kontinye menase, asasen.

Men banm di-w on ti pawol: sispan'n gade le pase. Un ancien professeur, lors de la ceremonie de graduation de ma promotion, dans son adresse de parrain, dit:
<Le passe est passe, il ne faut pas le repasser, sinon nous allons trepasser>
Pour moi, aristid n'est qu'un participe passe.

Il a eu sa chance a plusieurs reprises.

He managed to mess them up each and every time.
No tactics, no diplomacy, no open-mindedness, nothing.

Le type est un total echec, une totale deception.

Croyez-moi, Jolibois, j'ai vote pour lui avec ferveur en 90.
Il nous a brise le coeur a moins que vous n'ayez pas de coeur et de bon sens vous-meme.

Si vous en avez bien profite, gloire a Dieu pour toi, mais ne vous faites pas l'avocat du diable.

Soyons honnete et realiste pour une fois Jolibois Manjedfey.


Touye touye-w men se pa mwen wa jwen-n.

Ayisyen Patriyot, December 29 2006, 7:24 AM

Topic: Aristide is nothing but a smart slot and thief

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We had such a big hope with his election to the presidency. He started acting like a mentally incapable. A.-He came... read more >
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We had such a big hope with his election to the presidency. He started acting like a mentally incapable. A.-He came... read more >
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