Black Majority Been In Power For Last 100 years

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What difference does it make who is what, when or where.

It's not going to help the future of Haiti.

We need people who are capable of running the government like a successful business.

Charles Henri Baker is a successful industrialist with a genuine University degree.

A man who has character and integrity.

Unlike a lot of the other people in Haiti who run the government.

Some of them have failed at business, and their personal lives.

The Haitian elites are elites regardless of the color of their skins.

In Brazil a rich and educated lighter skin black person with clearly negroid features is listed as white on his passport.

That type of person is also invited to the most aristocratic parties and cultural events.

I cannot deny that we do have some sort of class system in Haiti.

Some people prefer to associate with the people they feel that they have something in common with. People that they share the same values, morals, culture, and religion with. Let's face it no one feels comfortable when their relatives socialize with a bunch of criminals and their progenies.

Mind you that they became rich very quickly, and most importantly without the benefit of an education.

When they move into your neighborhood, they think that you are prejudice, because you so not want them hanging around your homes and your female relatives.

The majority of the politicians in Haiti have the morals of an ally cat. No one is safe around them, not your teenage daughter and certainly not your maid. You cannot have their children hanging around your kids, simply because they might have a disagreement with your child and next thing you know, their father want to kill your entire family, or have their friends gang rape your daughters.

This sort of nonsense has happened numerous times in Haiti.

When one of those monsters marry one of your relatives, next thing you know you have to rescue her from physical attacks, and forced sex against their wishes.

Those are primitive men. Their wealth do not correspond to their level of education and personal development.

They are uncivilized.

People like that feel invincible when they have political clout.

They expect to get away with evil acts and disrespects (not in my family).

Who needs that sort of merdes anyway.

I provided you with a long list. I bet it's much more accurate than what you had. You can complete it yourself and post it on the internet.

Frankly I do not have the time for that sort of thing.

The fact remains that the black majority has been in power for the past hundred years or so. The pillage of government coffers, the political corruption, and violence are the root cause of the lack of development in Haiti.

Do not blame the elites because businesses are ran based on supply and demand.

The low operating costs are necessary to make a profit.

Parasites in general will gnaw at everything you work for, if you let them. That's how they survive.

Someone needs to teach them how to do for themselves.

So they can become self sufficient.

So long fellow.

Phillip, May 22 2008, 4:10 PM

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