Do President Preval Have False Credentials?

Lucien - April 23 2008, 10:53 PM

I have researched and read several sites claiming that President Renee Preval is not an agronomist because he never graduated from the Gembloux University or the Louvain University as claimed by the LegrandSoir Article 3287. He is not on the graduate list of the Universities.

Gembloux Link is:
Legrandsoir link is:
Yet Preval's biography stated that he graduated from the University of Gembloux, another Belgian university with a degree specializing in agriculture.

These include references at wikipedia,,, and This is a sitting head of State and his biography should not contain half truths and untruths.

Another article states that he did indeed study at both Louvain and Gembloux but did not earn an undergraduate degree.

This link is:

(in Spanish).

You will have to scroll down quite a bit to find the pertinent information in Part III, but the article does clearly state that Preval did not earn a degree at either institution.

Several other Spanish-language articles and other articles apparently translated into English from these same Spanish articles have the same statement.The authenticity of the popular claim that Preval holds a college degree cannot be verified.

In fact I was curious after I read from a previous post on this blog that he receive only F and dropped out after his first year of school.

In the United States, one must hold a Bachelor of Science degree with at least 30 credits hours devoted to agronomic subject classes in order to sit for the certification exam to become a Certified Professional Agronomist CPAg).

President Preval credentials and integrity are important here. I would like to see President Preval provide his academic credentials in order to clarify the matter.

Supporting documentation from his university supported further by independent acknowledgment of his degree
"Preval agronomist" seems to refer to Preval simply as a trained agronomist.

Perhaps that's all one needs in order to be called an agronomist in Haiti.

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Lucien says...

Welcome to Gembloux Agricultural University link is : President Preval is not a graduate from that University as... more »

Reposted Lucien says...

Article which states that Preval graduated from Louvain University.. info/article. php3?id_ article= 3287 And... more »

Robert M. St Fleur says...

Lucien, I really thank you for your search, but it has nothing to do with him being president. His real issues do not... more »

Linda says...

Robert, I seriously disagree with you when you say that Preval's performance as a president does not have anything to... more »

Linda says...

Robert, I seriously disagree with you when you say that Preval's performance as a president does not have anything to... more »

Robert M. St Fleur says...

Hi Linda, I truly understand what you mean regarding the whole prospect; be aware that leadership remains a gift. You... more »

Rubens F. Titus says...

Hi St Fleur, I tend to agree with you. Although I hold an advanced degree I believe leaders a born to lead. Christophe... more »

Linda says...

Hi St Fleur; I actually agree with you that leaders are not made but are born. I think that no matter what degree of... more »

Linda says...

By the way, Christophe comitted suicide and all the historical data shows that it was because he felt paralized by the... more »

Robert M. St Fleur says...

I agree with every single word you wrote down; your answer couldn't be better than this; first of all, I just feel... more »