Hi St Fleur; I actually agree with you that leaders are not...

Linda - April 25 2008, 9:20 PM

Hi St Fleur; I actually agree with you that leaders are not made but are born. I think that no matter what degree of education you have it cannot make you a leader.

On the other hand my friend, all true revolutionary leaders in history were educated.

I don't say this lightly, it is a simple matter of historical facts.

Now be careful and pay close attention to my words; I did not just say "leaders" I said "revolutionary leaders." Someone who wins a war or leads a rebellion is not a "revolutionary leader." And I did not say "college educated" but simply "educated." Let me explain the difference.

A person who is educated is a person who has read enough to have a very broad knowledge of the world.

Knowledge bring wisdom.

A knowledgable person could be a person who read a lot on his own, not just a person who got a college degree.

As we know from looking at Bush and Aristide (I said this before) a person can have a college degree and have learned nothing, So, point one is that education can be self gained.

Point two: the difference between a revolutionary leader and other types of leaders is that the revolutionary leader brings about great progressive changes to a society.

The revolutionary leader knows how to make the changes work, for example: Boukman started the Haitian revolution, but it took a slave who knew how to read and write and who had read about the French revolution to really bring the slaves together and launch a cohesive movement base on a philosophy of equality to eventually defeat the enemy.

Now if you read world history you will find the same example in all. Here are a few examples:
Cuba, Castro - Lawyer

France, Rose Pierre leader of the Jacobins --Law degree

France, Napoleon - graduate of the French Academy

Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser - Graduated from Egypt's Royal Academy

China, Mao -- graduated from Beijing University

US, Most influential Founding Fathers:1 B. Franklin did not have the opportunity to go to school, but loved to read so much that one of his first life successes was to create a library with books from different people.

He later recieved an honorary degree.

(You see it's not about going to school it's about gaining knowledge).

2. G. Hamilton attended King's College (now Columbia University).

3. T. Jefferson Lawyer etc.

Turkey, Mustafa Kemal the Ataturk Military Academy and Staff College

and this list goes on and on.

It is not that one needs an academic education, it is that revolutionary leaders seem to have all been learned men like Toussaint.


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