Haitian Provincial Countrymen failed Haiti.

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Haitians need to realize where the real source of the problem really is. Over the past couple of years, Haitians have ceased to work the lands of Haiti.

They are all waiting for a handout, they are all just sitting down waiting for miracles.

Agree or disagree, Haitians must realize that they are a lazy nation of people with no sense of progressiveness to ever become self-sufficient.

They all think that they can copy the lifestyle of politic and social status of other rich countries.

Haitians have not want to concede to the fact of knowing that Haiti is a poor Country and must gradually and steadily rose to a stable path for prosperity by working the land. Instead, all the countrymen from the countryside of the country pilled themselves into Port-Au-Prince just waiting for free donations of single fish and have forgotten what it is like to fish for their own fish. You can not tell me that today Haiti does not eve produce its own mango that they have to go get it from the neighboring Dominican Republic.

It is not because the land can not produce anything itself, it is because darn lazy Haitians do not have the persistence and patience to work the land as they should.

Hispanolanoyosoy, April 11 2008, 3:29 AM

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