unrealistic governance

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April 10, 2008
Linda I am sorry I took some times to respond to you post because my internet was acting out.

Linda I think I mention shouting in a previous post. You are right.

I was, and still i am angry at the conditions that befall the good people of Haiti.

I could not be angry with you, but you experience a bit of it because we are all Haitians and wish the best for our land. I did say, prior to this that I was angry because every time some of us make plans to finally bring some help to the country; foolishness, like what is happening now, breaks out. You understand me! If you felt offended in any way, forgive me.

Ok Linda, you said: "If you look at real strong protest from around the world, you will notice that most of them degenerate into some sort of destruction of private or government properties."

Yes, this is more like some isolated cases when things get really bad. But Haiti is in trouble almost all year long, every year. We have to acknowledge the counter productive nature of a nation given to constant rebellion, regardless of the contributing factors.

Haitians must learn to protest at least for once, peacefully.

The Protesters do not look so innocent when they are killed or mistreated by the security forces for preying on the life of the president.

Tell me where in the 21st century people will protest, but prepared to kill the president.

As long as we continue to call for leadership change every second of the year, the Haitian people will remain hungry every second of their lifespan.

You said: Tibetan Monks turned violent--and they are not starving.

They are subjects to the Chinese, yet they are not starving, the Haitian people have been "free" for more than two hundred years, yet hungry more than ever. Starvation has such a long history in HAITI, yet we expect government to change it in a second.

Of course, the government is at fault for not taking action earlier while they had the means.

But we could also say that administrative confusion is possible.

When one has to do so much in a country like Haiti, we must understand that it is possible they found it hard to know even where and how to begin.

Remember, we are talking about Haiti, the casualty of the Western World! Solutions are likely to look better in speech than on the ground.

I have heard that money has been given and government did not know what to do. The international community and those who give the money are experts in development, peace and conflict, why hadn't they work with the government more closely and monitor the NGOs that are mounting cash piles on the back of the poor?

Linda: "This isn't about democracy or any other type of government structure.

This is about corruption and thieves."

For this, I was speaking about law and order; that when you remove one system of government deemed corrupt, and replace it by "a democratic one" it should mean that you are helping to build a law-abiding nation, not lawlessness and starvation, as is the case in HAITI.

The UN is, in a broad sense, a development organization, why are they failing in Haiti so miserably?

Also at some points, we will have to trust that some one in the white house in Haiti may not be corrupt.

Up to now, I don't believe Preval is corrupt.

The technicalities of the job may be beating him, and groups around him seem to lake experience or may not be so clean.

Remember that the government is a qualition, if we replace it who are we going to put there now, the entire political system is in power.

But this is absolutely no reason not to allow this government to finish its term, do the least that it can, and leave it for another group to do something.

I hate the idea of coup d'etat.

The solution is to get more engaged in economic governance and less political dogma.

Sorry for my lonnnnnnng post

Louinel Jean, April 11 2008, 12:11 AM

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