Wyclef Jean Rocking The Vote On Larry King Live

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Wyclef Jean and many other Super stars are on Larry King live on CNN talking about how they are encouraging young American people to vote.

He is infolved in Rock The Vote,.

If any of you are/were wathing larry king, let talk about the man.

I hope someone post this clip on youtube!

What is Rock The Vote?

Rock the Vote is a non-profit, non-partisan organization, founded in 1990 in response to a wave of attacks on freedom of speech and artistic expression.

Rock the Vote engages youth in the political process by incorporating the entertainment community and youth culture into its activities.

From actors to musicians, comedians to athletes, Rock the Vote harnesses cutting-edge trends and pop culture to make political participation cool.

Rock the Vote mobilizes young people to create positive social and political change in their lives and communities.

The goal of Rock the Vote's media campaigns and street team activities is to increase youth voter turnout.

Rock the Vote coordinates voter registration drives, get-out-the-vote events, and voter education efforts, all with the intention of ensuring that young people take advantage of their right to vote.

Rock the Vote's work doesn't end when the polls close.

We empower young people to create change in their communities and take action on the issues they care about.

Regardless of whether youth are signing petitions, running for office, contacting their elected officials, or taking up a sign in protest, they are all rocking the vote.

Get more info at rockthevote.com

Fyi, March 3 2008, 9:54 PM

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I saw it Wyclef cut all his hair off.I cannot vote I am a permanent resident not an American citizen. read more >
Claude, 3-Mar-08 10:07 pm
I saw it on Larry King Live. Everyopportunity Wyclief had, he plugged in Haiti!!! Super! read more >
Gerard, 4-Mar-08 9:19 am
I saw Wyclef last night on CNN Larry King Live, You're right, he is a true haiti cultural ambassador. he did plug in... read more >
Haitian Liberal, 4-Mar-08 9:29 am
Yes Woodring, I was happy to see him wearing a blue suit white shirt and blue tie. That's is our culture. God speed to... read more >
Franck, 5-Mar-08 1:07 am
i am glad that he is part of the daily news too beside his famous song and humor way to go wyclef! thank you woodring... read more >
Ninon, 5-Mar-08 10:51 pm


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