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Dear president Preval, I hope you have been doing well. First let's introduce myself.

My name is Wisler Rene and I'm from Acul Du nord in the north of Haiti.

Actually I'm living in Tampa FL (U.S).

I heard about how you have been working hard to establish the security in Haiti and other stuff.

I wish you try to work hard to see how you can find a way to avoid the problem economic face by the people in Haiti.

I think One the problem is the centralisation try to decentralize Haiti.

People don't need to go to P-AU-P to do everything.


So mwen te vote ou, Mwen kwe ou kapab.

M'ap swete ou kenbe palage kouraj bon travay.

prochen fwa ma pale ou plis de mwen.

Wisler Rene, March 5 2008, 11:25 PM

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