It's appalling that 600 people were hurt during the festive...

Manoushka - February 26 2008, 7:18 PM

It's appalling that 600 people were hurt during the festive carnaval, that's a lot of people and mothers were reported begging with their children during such carnaval.

The kidnapping is getting worse and worse in Haiti despite what the Preval and Alexis administration have claimed.

I don't think it has occurred to them to disarm the residents of the bidonvilles by going from house to house and by confiscating their weapons and placing under arrest all youths with guns. They do not have to be in the process of doing something, they could be on their way to do something.

That's what people call a preemptive strike.

I would place a police precinct in each of the bidonvilles areas to keep the criminals under surveillance.


Haïti 600 blessés durant le carnaval 2008

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