It was was Jean-Claude Duvalier the quintessential Bouki who...

Nadia - February 23 2008, 8:03 PM

It was was Jean-Claude Duvalier the quintessential Bouki who signed the repatriation contract with the US in 1981. Something must be done about those treaties.

Those who have a permanent residency visa or became permanent residents of the USA for a period of five years or more the US must keep them, They can place them in Jail and teach them a new trade.

When those branche crochu go back to Haiti, they only form new gangs and engage in all sorts of criminal activities.

Haiti should only accept the undocumented immigrants who were returned to their homeland.

After all those criminals leaned their criminality in the USA, why make Haiti pay for it. Those who are interested can read about the extradition treaty the USA has with Haiti on the following sites in English or French:



"Fais yo, yon Kout Duvalier! Make an example out of all the gangs and the drug dealers. Grab a few of them in broad...

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Nadia, Thank you for the reference. It made it easier...

I may be wrong but repatriation and extradition were...

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