insecurity in haiti? can solve in 90 days!

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"Fais yo, yon Kout Duvalier! Make an example out of all the gangs and the drug dealers.

Grab a few of them in broad day light, march them to a wall and shoot them in the back of the head one after the other.

Do this for thirty days straight, I bet you all the kidnapping, and stealing and drug dealing will end. Furthermore, destroy whatever house they were living in. The people in that household benefited from their crimes, the are "accessories to murder, and receivers of stolen property".

Destroy the house.

Set fire in an entire area of City Soleil or Bel Air or Fort National and other bidonvilles during the day, everytime a kidnapping has taken place that will force the people in those areas to report all the suspected thieves, kidnappers, gangsters and drug dealers living in there for fair of reprisal.

Lets go people!.

The criminals are preventing Haiti from getting more tourists and the diaspora do not wish to invest nor go to Haiti because they fear for their security.

Its time to "up the ante" on the criminals.

They need to get destroy otherwise the very fabric of Haitian society will come apart.

Fais yo yon kout Duvalier.

I bet you Port-au-Prince will be very safe again for a while anyway.

You may have to repeat the punishment again because people like that are ruthless, they have short term memories.

Their criminal activities are rewarding.

Make them loose a lot more then they can gain by their criminality such as their lives at a grand scale.

We don't need people like that around.

They are parasites.

Robert, February 18 2008, 1:49 PM

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