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Lionne2 And 4 - February 20 2008, 3:28 PM

Is that PFC for "Private First Class" man?

My father made a carreer in the Military.

He joined the US Army as a PFC but he had a couple of degrees, so they made him change his citizenship to "naturalized citizen" in order to become a "Commissioned Officer".

He retired a Colonel.

He did not wish to continue.

As you probably know it, you have to serve in a war to get that converted "General" promotion.

He decided to go into business for himself instead.

I was able to travel all over the world.

I had some really beautiful moments in Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey in Izmir at least.

Are you stationed downthere in Haiti man, or did you joined the UN. My uncle did, He was in Israel, now he is in West Africa.

The island of Labardie would be a cushiony station in comparison.

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