Black American History is NOT HAITIAN HISTORY

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The only thing Haitians and African-Americans have in commun is the African ancestor.

The culture itself and the roads travelled to their eventual freedom and civil rights are totally different from one another.

Some Haitians like to invoke the past. Its true that Haitians should be proud of their history, but we are in 2008 not 1804. Loosers live in the past, while winners live in the present.

What have Haitians in general accomplished since then?

What are Haitians doing at the present moment to become self-sufficient?

Haitians (what I call the old guard anyway) are so bogged down in a quagmire of mediocrity, that they expect the young generation to adhere to such low standards without questions.

Its like calling "Kaka Poule, Gold".

It seems they are so used to such low standards, that they cannot see the difference between the two. Those same mediocre leaders and leaders "WANNABY" are the ones fooling themselves.

They might know a little but they do not know a lot. They certainly are not the Wiz kids from Harvard with business degrees and business acumen.

Or the brilliant ones with degrees in international law, who truly want to do something for their country of origin.

At the end they will all fail and most likely resort to stuffing their bank portfolios, just like their predecessors, before they themselves become refugees.

The true imbeciles my friend are the ones who think they know better, but dont know diddly.

They have a problem differentiating between what is right and what is wrong.

Some have never eveb heard of the word "ethics".

"Yo lan affaire moun pas" I can see some of those "wannabys" heading towards a dictatorship already.

But they do not know that there will be others even more determined than they are to prevent them from doing it. Haiti have nothing to show for itself in 2008. They are begging everywhere.

Dubay a country in the middle east without any natural resources has managed to become rich although their neighbors are rich in petroleum.

Japan has managed to became rich after they sustained two atomic bombs attacks.

I will stop here.

Lionne, February 20 2008, 3:08 PM

Topic: Black History Month is really Black American Month

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Wilgeens Rosenberg, 20-Feb-08 1:33 pm
The only thing Haitians and African-Americans have in commun is the African ancestor. The culture itself and the roads... read more >
Lionne, 20-Feb-08 3:08 pm
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Lionne2 And 4, 20-Feb-08 3:28 pm
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