About kidnapping in haiti

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I'm a haitian in the usa. I want to come visit my country and 'm scared because of what people's saying about kidnapping.

I think that we need more police on the street all the time (24-7).

Kidnapping's not going to stopbecause the people has no job, they can't eat.
I think that's the only way we can stop kidnapping by having more police in the street 24 soun 24.

Stephane Dorsainvil, November 7 2006, 9:03 PM

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More police is not necessary in Haiti. The problem is that the people are lacking of basic necessities, like food... read more >
Claire Mirat, 8-Nov-06 10:50 pm
How are we going to stop the kidnapping? I know that the Haitians need to eat and all that, but their's no jobs. Like... read more >
Stephane Dorsainvil, 9-Nov-06 5:26 pm


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