Dear brothers and sisters. The HIV/AIDS issue concerns all of...

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Dear brothers and sisters.

The HIV/AIDS issue concerns all of us. We must not ignore that most people believe in religion and science.

They oftentimes fail to use deductive reasoning to find the truth and blindly accept and digest what a preacher or scientist tells them. Some powerful members of the scientific community may have a secret motive to put the blame on us. And the next sentences will explain my opinion: "The virus moved from Africa to Haiti in about 1966, he said. Haiti has more diversity of HIV than does the U.S. and other countries because the virus has been there longer and had more time to mutate.

The finding helps explain the early observations of a high prevalence of AIDS in Haiti, Worobey said. "The virus had simply been there longer."
"The main challenge of developing a vaccine against HIV is its tremendous genetic diversity," he said.
Knowing the gamut of diversity within subtype B could be important for effectively developing and testing vaccines that will work in Haiti"(Worobey)
The last sentence makes me think that Haiti will be the testing ground for a new vaccine against HIV, and they have to justify their choice base on statistical evidence.

We all know that statistics can be used purposefully to hurt and spread lies. They can manipulate the data to arrive at the desired conclusion.

These scientists are politically, financially and racially motivated.

I remember in the early 80's the scientists had convinced the government to kill all the pigs in Haiti, a major food source and economic revenue.

Do they have the plan to wipe us out base on the fact that we are responsible for the world reckless sexual behavior and greed! I am really scared.

This is the Start of a new "PEPADEP".

We will be isolated from the rest of the world, quarantined.

The result will be more internal violence resulting in self extermination.

Other racist governments will adopt this invalid scientific research to expel, deport and kill our citizen.

They may poison our food and medicine, pretending they are helping.

I know I will be labeled paranoid, so be it! Numerous studies have been conducted and found that the HIV virus was transferred from apes to humans.

They suggested that the virus was transferred to Haiti by Haitian workers returning from Congo.

That can be a lie and I can tell you why: In the 60's when most of African nations were getting independent, Papa Doc sent a lot of Haitian intellectuals to Africa to help with education applying the principles of the Negritude movement; they got a golden exile.

Most of them never returned back home, because of his brutal dictatorship.

The one who returned did so in the late 70's. Before the independence movement and long after it, there was plenty of French, Belgians, Portuguese, British and other foreigners mostly Europeans who returned back home. Continental Europe had more relation with West and Central Africa than Haiti.

Europeans have been there for centuries, the last slave ship from Africa after our independence.

Since then there is no documentation any relation between West Africa and Haiti.

What about the American missionaries who travelled back and forth from Africa in the 60's?

There are many theories about the origin of HIV. One Article I would like you to read concludes that"It is likely that we will never know who the first person was to be infected with HIV, or exactly how it spread from that initial person.

Scientists investigating the possibilities often become very attached to their individual 'pet' theories and insist that theirs is the only true answer, but the spread of AIDS could quite conceivably have been induced by a combination of many different events.

Whether through injections, travel, wars, colonial practices or genetic engineering, the realities of the 20th Century have undoubtedly had a major role to play. Nevertheless, perhaps a more pressing concern for scientists today should not be how the AIDS epidemic originated, but how those it affects can be treated, how the further the spread of HIV can be prevented and how the world can change to ensure a similar pandemic never occurs again" That is a must read article!
We all remember how we suffer from that label: eviction, termination, denial of medical care, lost of job, job discrimination.

Tourist avoided the country.

We become the black sheep of the flock!.

We love science, but it is a crime to use faulty evidence to demonize a nation or an entire group of people, such misuse of science will fuel prejudice and racism.

But Haitians, there is one thing we can do: let us be sexually responsible and use protection.

The same science they use to persecute us will prove them wrong one day! American always have to make someone responsible for their misfortune and refuse to admit that is their greed, perverted sexual conduct, abuse of drugs of any kind that get them there.

The scientists will never admit that HIV is from their unintentional invention, the same way. These are just part of the vaccine mixture.

They are denying their involvement in the rise of autism with the MMR vaccines which contains a combination of dangerous substance such as "formaldehyde (used in embalming), thimerosal (nearly 50 percent mercury), aluminum phosphate (toxic and carcinogenic), antibiotics, phenols (corrosive to skin and toxic), aluminum salts (corrosive to tissue and neurotoxic), methanol (toxic), isopropyl (toxic), 2-pheoxyethanol (toxic), live viruses and a host of unknown components considered off-limits as trade secrets"...

Yes they will never admit that HIV virus is their creation!
Don't forget also they have injected us with the live TB Virus in the 60's 70's. Haitian children had all kind of experimenting vaccines .One theory about HIV origin is about the OPV vaccine "Chat" for Polio.


Guess what our children were getting from the "medical benefactors": the same vaccine! Thus I am not surprise that they think we are stupid to believe that HIV comes from Haiti.

They have a reason to create an atmosphere of political instability in connivance with our greedy and blind leaders: they need a huge lab to test their biological weapon and find way to find treatment and it us Haitians and other poor people they choose as their "lab rats ".


Ti Malice, November 1 2007, 4:04 PM

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