No Problem, finish the review of your book on religion and...

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No Problem, finish the review of your book on religion and God, and I am sure we can address those issues with clear minds.

I agree that the men who wrote the Bible might have been ignorant in the past before their relationship with God.
Please, know this for a fact: No one remains ignorant after they have spent time with God. He is the author of intelligence and wisdom and knowledge...

Jesus called a number of men and later He was followed and worshipped by many men and women alike.

" Know Jesus, know truth, No Jesus, No truth"

Let me remind you my dear that the Bible which is the Word of God has stood the test of time and is still the best seller of all books ever written after two thousands years and is still running strong.

Every word written in the Bible will come to pass just as it is written.

Remember the Bible was not written by unlearned men only but also by kings (David), Princes (Moses), Philosophers (Paul)who sat at the feet of Gamaliel the most renowned of his time, Doctors (Luke), Intelligent men (Daniel), Scholars (Isaiah related to kings) Jeremiah, Ezecharias and the list goes on and on.
All those men had one thing in common, they were all filled with the Holy Spirit when they wrote the Word of God.

Dear Flo,
People like yourself will find God sooner or later because you seem to be seeking knowledge...

That is an excellent quality but you need to "seek God while He may be found."...

By the time some people meet God, it is already too late, death has visited them and now the only thing left for them to face is judgement...Too little, too late and Eternity has just begun...

Eternity is long, very long....Therefore, Dear Flo, the appointed time is now....Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and your life will never be the same again...

I can assure you that...Jesus is very real and personal, one one has known Him, there is no way one can deny His love, His compassion, His care fore those who love Him and even for those who hate Him, He still shows them mercy and offers salvation if they are willing to repent and change their wicked ways.

I appreciate your sincerity in searching and researching the truth, you shall find it in the person of Jesus Christ the Loed Almighty...

Bless you,

Gerard, October 5 2007, 9:56 PM

Topic: Voudou is a 10000 years old African Religion!

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Gerard, 4-Oct-07 7:39 pm
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Flo, 5-Oct-07 2:59 pm
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Jla, 5-Oct-07 9:01 pm
No Problem, finish the review of your book on religion and God, and I am sure we can address those issues with clear... read more >
Gerard, 5-Oct-07 9:56 pm
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G Rard, 10-Oct-07 5:42 am
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