Flo, Exellent research on Voudoo! People who do their research...

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Exellent research on Voudoo!
People who do their research seem to make sense according to human intelligence.

I have also thought of few ideas while I was reading your post.
Did you ever realize that all the countries you mentioned those Voudoos, loas are originated from are some of the poorest countries of the world?

Even in the USA, you know about voodoo in Louisiana, New Orleans.

Even in North America, they are of the worse states or some of the poorest in human condition.

do you know why?

I do realize that Voodoo is a religion, and in any free nation, people have their choice and their freedom to worship especially in Americas (Including Haiti, because Haiti is in the Americas also) but Jesus said:"You shall recognize a tree by its fruits"

What fruits has the Voodoo produced in Haiti the last 203 years of Independence?

We would agree that Voodoo is from Africa...Right?

Why does Africa have the most natural resources than any other continent, and is still begging for bread?(Now, not all Africa is poor..)

Why do people who are immersed or deeply involved in Voodoo have little desire to go to school and learn trades, professions and other ways to create wealth?

Why does it smell awful where Voodoo is practiced?

Why are most people who practice Voodoo although rich, however live like poors?

Why do nations who practice Voodoo are not industrialized?

Why does Haiti who recently recognized Voodoo as an official religion, seem to retrograde instead of progressing?

You did mention that the Jews worshiped Baal (bull) that is accurate, however you have to go a little further in the Bible reading to find out that when the Jews did it (worshiped the Baals) they brought curses unto themselves, and they had to repent from violating the first Commendment of God in order for them to be restored.

"You shall not have any other god (idols) before me, nor worship any graven images, for I Jehovah God, am a Jealous God"

Haiti has amassed all the curses because Haiti has honored what God has rejected a long time ago.

Read Isaiah chapter 14 of the Holy Bible, you will find that Lucifer the Head of all Evil gods and idols including the Loas of Haiti and Africa was cast out of Heaven and was cursed eversince..as Satan defeated ennemy of God..

If you go in the last Book of the HOLY BIBLE, in Revelation Chapter 13-17
You will also find the judgement reserved for those who serve The Devil (former Archangel Lucifer, the former Chief of the Angelic Host) and what is reserved for the Devil himself for violating the Laws of God and for perverting the Human Race to love sins more than to love God their Creator...


PLEASE, HAVE AN OPEN MIND about this issue...

I heard something not long ago from a Gospel preacher:
It went something like this:
If Voodoo was a good thing for Haiti, the USA would have invaded Haiti and captured all the Loas to bring them to America, but because Voodoo is not doing anything for Haiti, as a matter of fact it is taking Haiti back many years because of the lack of progress that is why we have not been invaded..."

I do not know how true that statement is, however it caused me to think...

In America, the word insane is used in a sense where it refers to someone who keeps doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result...

That is insanity...

Now for a country to try the same thing for 203 years and still is repeating the errors in expectation of something good to occur is nothing less than insanity.

Whoever wants to reply to this post, I would suggest that you think first with your head and then connect the head with your heart and then give a response.

My purpose is not to insult anyone nor criticize a religion, nor blame all the problems of Haiti on Voodoo, for anyone can find faults with religion while there are no flaws in God Himself.

I am just asking questions, I am making an observation, analyzing the fruits, the results of the last 203 years of so called independence...For any nation that is truely independent is dependent on God the Almighty...

Where have we gone as a nation to embrace what the Almighty God has rejected?

What have we picked up while we were searching for truth?

What has happened to the nation that is supposed to fear the Almighty God?

Any nation that fears God will be blessed...

Why we are still begging bread while the Bible says:
"I have been young, I have become old, I have never seen the righteous forsacken nor his proterity begging bread"
"If my people that is called by my name will humble himself, pray and seek my face, if it will turn away from its wicked ways, I will hear him from Heaven, I will bless him, and I will heal his country"...

Dear friends, with all compassion and respect for those who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in their lives, I pray for your souls to wake up and realize that there is no other way to Heaven...

I love people including those who are practicing Voodoo, but I pray their eyes open before it is too late.
God bless everyone,
If you disagree with me it is okay....

but there is no need to be upset to the point where you cannot express your thoughts in a civilized way.

Gerard, October 4 2007, 6:18 AM

Topic: Voudou is a 10000 years old African Religion!

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