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See my exposé on Christianity that I posted.

That's my answer to you.

Flo, October 8 2007, 5:59 PM

Topic: Voudou is a 10000 years old African Religion!

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Ti Malice this is my previous response I am pasting it to you: I read your post it was quite interesting. Please share... read more >
Flo, 2-Oct-07 8:52 pm
Flo, Exellent research on Voudoo! People who do their research seem to make sense according to human intelligence. I... read more >
Gerard, 4-Oct-07 6:18 am
Dear Brother Gerard: I am going to do some research on Christianity this weekend before I provide you with a response... read more >
Flo, 4-Oct-07 1:16 pm
Hello Flo, I cannot wait to address those issues. The Bible says: " You shall know the truth and the truth shall make... read more >
Gerard, 4-Oct-07 7:39 pm
Dearest Gerard: I admire your faith, you are talking on the prelusion that the bible is a true story instead of a... read more >
Flo, 5-Oct-07 2:59 pm
Hello...I'm an American and also believe that the Bible is not a complete truth. As was stated by Flo the Jews and... read more >
Jla, 5-Oct-07 9:01 pm
No Problem, finish the review of your book on religion and God, and I am sure we can address those issues with clear... read more >
Gerard, 5-Oct-07 9:56 pm
Before it was recognized by Ex-president Aristide Who was a in fact a catholic priest, as a religion! read more >
Voudou Need To Be Reformed, 5-Oct-07 11:14 pm
See my expose on Christianity that I posted. That's my answer to you. read more >
Flo, 8-Oct-07 5:59 pm
Hello Flo, Please, help me out. Help me find your Expose on Christianism. Where did you post it? Please, attach the... read more >
G Rard, 10-Oct-07 5:42 am
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