Ti Malice this is my previous response I am pasting it to you...

Flo - October 2 2007, 8:52 PM

Ti Malice this is my previous response I am pasting it
to you:
I read your post it was quite interesting.

Please share your thoughts, and tell me if I am accurate for I am not a voudouisant, yet I try to understand it, for I am interested in any approach to the Divine.

I was looking at a book at "Borders" the other day with images of 11 Universes that the American space program took pictures of, or sent their robots to take pictures of. Some had 100billlions planets some had 200billion planets.

It was so beautiful, I remember thinking we humans looked so insignificant in comparison to all that grandiosity.

Perhaps you felt ill at that crossroad because some powder particles were floating in the air. That happened to me when I read a letter someone sent my mother.

I felt temporary dizzy because of the fine powder particles that I inhaled through my nose.

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Posted by Flo 10/1/07 2:56 AM

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Ti Malice, Brother LK, Gros Jean this is the research...


Voudou is a 10000 years old African Religion!

"Any idea of God must work for the people who developed it. Consequently as the times have changed, so have our ideas...

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