maitriser l'insecurite?

Linda - September 22 2007, 2:56 PM

Hi Gros-morne Gonaives; One way to reduce insecurity might be to provide jobs. Once a large part of the population is employed, they become the front line of defense for national security.

They who steal and rob are for the most part also those who are unemployed.

It is their lack of unemployment, their human desperation that leads to a life of crime.

(Here I am not talking about the few hard core criminals, with no souls).

Members of a working population will be the first ones to "baré volè," simply because they know that insecurity might lead those who are providing jobs to again leave the country.

However, there's a little problem with my scenario; how do you get those who can create those jobs to come back in the first place.

What possible incentive can the government offer them that will make them risk the low level of insecurity that exists?


Comment maitriser l'insecurite?

Je crois que le pays beneficiera enormemennt, si le gouvernement arrive a maitriser l'insecurite. En depit de...

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Hi LInda, I can not deny that excessive unemployment...

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