Grosmorne Gonaives; about strong governments

Linda - September 22 2007, 9:17 PM

Gros-morne Gonaives, a government is only as strong as its ability to generate security for the nation.

However, security is not maintained by force of arms unless one intends to oppress all of the people all of the time. Hence, if the only thing maintaining order is force, those of us who are law-abiding citizens will also suffer from a suffocating system set for those who break the law. The way to tell the difference, between those who are acting up because they are desperate, and those who are just cold-blooded crooks, is to establish a system which allows everyone who is willing to try to prosper.

Once that's done than there can be a crackdown on those who continue to disrupt everyone else's peace.

As for the nation's traditional cultural values, I am not sure we can ever regain those values that we've already lost. Now, all we can do is act like most westernized nation--cold and indifferent towards our fellow citizens; control must be maintained through the rule of law, not trust.

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