What happens to my friend Richelle? This guy really gets on...

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What happens to my friend Richelle?

This guy really gets on your nerve and everybody's else nerves.

He can get fixed from what I learn so far. He is a biracial Haitian-American who thinks that Haiti can be or continue to be an American backyard or territory.

This guy thinks because America is a superpower that Americans can own all Haitians.

One thing he does not know is we Haitians cannot be slaves of anyone or any country.

Martelly becomes president with the help of the peasants and the bourgeoisie in Haiti.

We are all tired with the United States's mismanagement of Haiti at all levels and we want to claim our country back and we will get it back like we did in 1934. Haiti will be independent this time whether the American-Hatian lackeys and CIA Americans like it or not. They will be all under control soon and we will follow them to every inch of their move in Haiti to prevent them from killing Haitian dissidents as well as dividing many of us. They are good in dividing people.

They see some Haitians don't like MINUSTAH's practices in Haiti and now they are trying to put Haitians against the MINUSTAH.

Edmond Mullet told the CEP that they should respect Haitian people's votes and if the votes were not counted as registered for the MINUSTAH would not validate their results and that is why the CEP agreed to let Martelly win the elections.

Haitians were close to get all of them killed in Haiti if their votes were stolen.

Hopefully, they did listen and they saved the country.

I am asking all Haitians not to answer this guy if he cannot bring on board any healthy discussion and he will not because he is a CIA appointed agent.

What he does know is this we are in America against our will and whenever we decide to return America has to create troubles in Haiti to force us to return to America.

We are hostages of America's failed policy in Haiti and this time many of us will return in great numbers to rebuild our country and that is why we are seeking unity between all Haitians to make that possible.

Who can be happy in this corrupted country if not JUS SOLI AMERICANS?

He will stop. Bear with me, he will stop! Peace my sister, may the Almighty One bless you!

Toulimen Legrand, April 13 2011, 6:12 PM

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Toulimen, 11-Apr-11 11:32 pm
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Joubert, 12-Apr-11 7:26 pm
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Rooster, 12-Apr-11 7:33 pm
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Joubert, 12-Apr-11 8:37 pm
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Richelle, 13-Apr-11 3:03 pm
What happens to my friend Richelle? This guy really gets on your nerve and everybody's else nerves. He can get fixed... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 13-Apr-11 6:12 pm
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