Rooster, you say something I'm agree with you reluctantly.You...

Richelle - April 13 2011, 3:03 PM

Rooster, you say something I'm agree with you reluctantly.You say "Haiti is what it is because of haitian".You are right because haitian let american come to haiti, anytime they feel like. While american have HIV, all kind of disease.Pass their disease in anyhow to haitian just to kill them and haitian do not realize that.You want to talk about disease.

American are the one who started sleeping with dog gay this is where disease come from.All this trash start here in america.

Haitian follow american in this path, and this is why haiti have become like that. Rooster you like to talk about haitian live here blah blah.Yes we live here so what!this is america.

Nobody from here not even the white people.Your folly make u say nonsense thing.

I wish haitian do not reply to your commet.You stink, you probably one of the poor gay who can not afford the vet to keep your girlfriend dog to have sex with.You want to take that anger on haitian fuck you and kiss my haitian butt. Leave us alone, we are not responsible for your messy miserable life.You are dirt go committe suicide if you hate your life punk.What benefit you're talking you crazy.You looking for attention.

I do not know why haitian wast their time respond to a lousy thing like you. Haitian need to flush you like a diarrhea by not respond to your comment.

Whatever you want haitian to think you are you're not.You just a piece of kotex full of blood.

Somebody forget to throw away for the past two days and starting to get stink this is what you are.

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joubert, this is Able Rooster. You make me laugh so...


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