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Je veux croire que le blog Michel Martelly a vecu and we can as of today or the day Martelly got inaugurated-change the name of the blog to Michel Martelly blog....

What do you think Compatriotes?

I understand that the blog was very animated before the elections and for some the results may have been bitter but Dear Compatriotes, the results are in and the fact is despite all our reservations Michel Martelly has been declared President.Let us hope that History will judge him not by his past morals shortcomings but by his future accomplishments.

We have a moral obligation and a patriotic duty to dust ourselves up, forget our disagreements and look at the future up in the eyes and bring changes and I mean durable changes.

The only suggestion I have for Mr Martelly is to transform our diplomats from lazy crapules and socalled vengeurs de race to agents de development.

At the forein office in Port au Prince, they-those who are going to represent us overseas must be conscient of their tasks of representing us not their parents, their friends and their former girlfriends.

May Haiti live long
May we change our images around the world
May our children whether born in Haiti or overseas live to see a prosperous Haiti and a Haiti of miracles, beauty, prosperity and harmony
Long live les plus beaux et les plus intelligents des noirs

Kamoken, April 9 2011, 4:30 PM

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