Pantalon specially designed are being made for mental patient president

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According to reliable sources from Washington, Ottawa, and Paris, a special pair of pants is being design to prevent the mental patient president from pulling it down during his inauguration and agreed to comply with his psychiatric medications which will be administrate to him by one American and one Canadian psychiatrist effective immediately.

Bill Clinton discussed the issue with him during his last trip during the month of April 2011.
A NASA official want to remain anonymous, said the pants will be made with the same material used for the astronauts pants and will have wireless interlock security devices controlled by Navy Seals nearby to prevent any foolishness by the wearer.

A good friend of Bourik Charge who wants to stay in the anonymity maintains all the necessary precautions were taking to avoid an International embarrassment that day. "They even have a rapid tranquilizer team to control the mental patient if need be" he said.
Mezanmis se kozeya main nan ki malpropreter Haiti tombe.

Abracada 8, April 9 2011, 5:44 PM

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