It's not about President Marthely or Aristide or Duvalier and...

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It's not about President Marthely or Aristide or Duvalier and the Tonton Macoutes or Preval or whom ever that has elected to be the leader of Haiti...As you should be aware of...Haiti will have to find its own grip or strength and the right rythm to be an acceptable civilized nation amongs all the other small islands that existed closest by. Since 1957 when Duvalier Papa Doc took over the country...there has been numerous muders especially on people that were qualified to help carry the country into the next century...I am myself a victim of these past atrocities in Turjeau, Bois-Mouquette; where there were mass killings of haitian proletariats whom Duvalier has acccused of interfering in his fraudulently elected government...while he was looking to declare himself president for life...which he has accomplished for more than 14 years...leaving a messy island that has followed to a look alike president Aristide...inheritinng a dictator mentality which caused a lot more confusion and misery to the entire island...president Aristide was nuts..."Crazy"...

there has been only a short time relief; where the country was celebrating his arrival and staying peaceful...Aristide brought a lot more chaos during his tenure...a lot more hate amongs the citizens or countrymen for his time stake..chasing and killing tonton macoutes everywhere in the country.

When this country will find the right groove and charisma...and tandem to improve life for the most needed haitians?

When there will be peace amongs us. I don't think your president Aristide has accomplished really anything in our country...I think he learned to use the U.S. to lie to the people that he was capable or the right man for the job...Above all, I hope all the arguments will change...Whom ever that is involved in the leadership to run the country to stay focus on the primary problems and to find real solutions to help Haiti recover for its old burden and the present calamity that layed before all of us. Don't take it upon me...get the real picture...stop being a fanatic.

Ernst Etienne, April 9 2011, 12:19 PM

Topic: Stanley Lucas Is A CIA Agent And A Sold Out Haitian

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It's not about President Marthely or Aristide or Duvalier and the Tonton Macoutes or Preval or whom ever that has... read more >
Ernst Etienne, 9-Apr-11 12:19 pm
I share your views partly...a little respect for each other will help us communicate better. Thanks read more >
Ernst Etienne, 9-Apr-11 12:26 pm
Hi Ernst, the problem with Haiti finding it's "rhythm" as you mentioned, is that every time someone is interested in... read more >
Linda, 9-Apr-11 4:05 pm
Linda,don't let Toulimen hear you talking about neutralizing the 5's like that :). For some reason i took his... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 9-Apr-11 4:37 pm
Jean Pierre, in using the term "neutralize" I did not mean to kill them. There are many ways to politically freeze... read more >
Linda, 9-Apr-11 4:41 pm
Now the tabloids are waiting to start embarrassing Haiti with this bipolar mental patient. read more >
Carlos Fermin, 9-Apr-11 4:51 pm
Okay Linda,cause in my book "neutralize" is termination,kill,destroy,eliminate,exterminate. My mistake. read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 9-Apr-11 6:07 pm
Hi itchy finger and..LOL Haiti did not existed as we know it in 1015 This has succeeded over and over again since the... read more >
Cyber Mistake Inspector, 9-Apr-11 6:16 pm
Joubert is trying to kill Stanley Lucas a passionate Haitian democratic activists. Lucas is responsible for the... read more >
Carmelle Maznod, 11-Apr-11 10:47 am
First, the US. Invasion was in 1915...Second, Can you name these so-called elite groups that you mentionned? From my... read more >
Ernst Etienne, 11-Apr-11 2:39 pm
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