This is very interesting I noticed a flip in your definition...

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This is very interesting I noticed a flip in your definition of mentally incapable
1-For you, mentally incapable is a person who has been recognized worldwide by the academic community as being an accomplished scholar and a luminary.

A mentally incapable is whoever dares to prevent the plundering of our natural resources by foreign psychopaths.

A mentally incapable is a person who dares to defend the rights and the interests of the poor Haitians.

A mentally incapable is a person who dares to prevent foreigners from buying our lands with the objective to make our grandchildren refugees in their own territory and declaring them terrorists in their own territory as they did for the Palestinians.

History repeats itself for those who fail to learn history.

1-For you mentally competent is a person who has been exhibiting bouts and chronic episodes of poor impulse control disorder [d/o], anger management d/o, exhibitionist, gender d/o, bipolar d/o, and schizophrenia in other word for you mental strength means a person who has an uncontrollable compulsion to pull-down his pants in amazement and horror to public where families have to shield their children from such unprecedented displays of indecencies and vulgarities in the Western hemisphere.

Even the strippers in Florida, Chicago, New York, Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic Canada and Mexico are criticizing this guy. When on Wednesday October 12th 1960, Nikita Serggeyevich Khrushchev from the Soviet Union pulled his shoe and banged it on the table of the United Nations, people criticized his action worldwide.

Now we are facing the prospect of having someone who may feel the urge to pull his pants down in front of the United Nations to immortalize his name in history and make a laughing stock about Haiti.

You called mentally capable, a person who threatened to burn down the country, if he is not elected as president and never mind his crack, cocaine and marijuana habits.

This is a person who have been involved with the death squad activities with the Duvalier regime and FRAP with Toto Constant and Guy Philippe.

This is a person who mentioned Arc-en Ciel in his first speech signaling to the homo that he is with them and you called this person mentally capable.

This cast serious doubts on your mental processes and capacity.

Concerned Haitian, April 8 2011, 7:31 AM

Topic: Stanley Lucas Is A CIA Agent And A Sold Out Haitian

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Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 7-Apr-11 10:46 pm
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Ernst Etienne, 8-Apr-11 2:36 am
This is very interesting I noticed a flip in your definition of mentally incapable 1-For you, mentally incapable is a... read more >
Concerned Haitian, 8-Apr-11 7:31 am
Aristide is not a CIA agent. read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 8-Apr-11 10:32 am
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