This Blog Manager Is A Dummy Person

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He keeps blocking IPs of all bloggers who are arguing against the Haitian Bourgeois in Haiti.

He refuses to accept that all Haitian Bourgeois in Haiti are Lost French citizens and they are the ones who want Haiti to be an international backyard country of France and the United States as well. The only losers in their slavery quest are the Haitian peasants.

Haiti will never be a good country if the Haitian Bourgeois or mulattoes cannot accept it as an independent country.

How long should we continue to suffer the dictatorship of the Haitian Bourgeois as imposed to the Haitian masses?

Should we call for a revolution?

How can we do that?

How about the good Bourgeois of Haiti that want change for Haiti?

How can we save and protect them?

They are not all bad. We still have 10% of good Bourgeois and we have to use their skills to revolutionize and change Haiti...Write your thoughts down. This blog manager blocks my IP and now he is trying to post my old postngs and answer to them on his way. You see his political maneuvers...

Toulimen, January 15 2011, 8:12 AM

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