Thanksgiving Message from Stanley Lucas

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Thanksgiving Message from Stanley Lucas

On this Thanksgiving Day, Americans will gather together with family to count their blessings and say their thanks.

It is a time of reflection, prayer and gratitude.

For Haitians, this has been an unimaginably trying year, and it is hard to find reasons to be thankful.

More than 1.7 million of our countrymen still sleep on the streets.

We lost 300,000 of our fellow countrymen in the worst natural disaster to hit the Western Hemisphere and another 1,500 of our friends and family to cholera.

But there are reasons for thanks and gratitude.

This year, the American people and concerned citizens around the world opened their wallets and their hearts to help Haitians recover from the earthquake.

The outpouring of support was unprecedented.

More than half of the American people donated in a year that is fraught with economic uncertainty for most families.

We should also take time today to be thankful to our Haitian forefathers who fought against oppression to secure Haiti's freedom as the first black republic of the world.

We have a proud and unique history for which we should always be grateful.

That spirit of freedom remains in each and every Haitian to this day. Things are tough now, but there is no reason that Haiti cannot restore its place in history and work toward a bright, hopeful future.

In unity there is strength.

Today, I am thankful for our Haitian unity.

Kembe La and God Bless Haiti.

Stanley Lucas, November 25 2010, 1:16 PM

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