American Christian Missionairies Deforested Haiti In Eradicating Voodoo

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From 1862 to 1915, American Christian Missionaries launched several attacks again the Vooddoo priests in eradicate Voodoo from the Haitian society.

The Voodoo Rejection campaign destroyed all the trees designed to protect the Haitian soil such as Acacia and Mapou trees which believed in the to possess evil spirits and now they are accusing Haiti for Global Warming.

Christianity in its attempt to eradicate a local religion destroyed the whole country and they are still contributing to the on-going detruction of Haiti with the sold-out pastors in Haiti.

We will survive and the VOODOO will not perish.

We will reform it but we will not destroy it...As Jesse Jackson argues it "Haiti wants America to stop destroying it."

Jolibois C., November 11 2010, 7:47 AM

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