Stanley Lucas always has some kk mimi bull crap solutions on...

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Stanley Lucas always has some kk mimi bull crap solutions on the bad situation state of Haiti that he helped created as a co-conspirator.

If Stanley really feels this way on the potential downward spiral of the elections in November why is he a candidate?

Stanley Lucas is a buffoon Uncle Tom opportunist who cares ONLY about himself, but thinks he has all the answers to solves Haiti's problems while he keeps his monkey ass in the United States eating hot dogs, chicken wings and pizza with cold red sweet kool-aid to wash it down.

Stanley Lucas is the modern House Slave of the 21st century who has vowed to adopt the neo-colonization in Haiti in order to accomplish hiws master's will and wants.

While working for USAID as an errand boy, Stanley Lucas has caused a lot of pain, grief, misery, mourning, killings, deaths, havoc, and mayhem to the Haitian society, and Haitian families on behalf of his master.

I hope the day will come for Stanley Lucas to be brought to justice and judged under a mango tree with rope around his neck and then hang like a pig at the hands of the Haitian poor for all his crime against Haiti.

It will be a sweet glorious day!

Tiba, August 16 2010, 8:33 AM

Topic: Haiti: Les elections n'auront pas lieu en Novembre par Stanley Lucas

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Martha Lucas, 15-Aug-10 12:23 pm
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Winy Saget, 15-Aug-10 1:35 pm
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Jean Lucas, 15-Aug-10 3:44 pm
Jean qui est ton pere. Mwen pa konnen ou! Pitit kimoun ou ye nan race Lucas paske mwen pa konnen ou. read more >
Anonyme, 15-Aug-10 4:04 pm
Ki moun ou ye e ki kote ou soti pou ap diskredite Jean Lucas? Mwen pat konnen tande pale de ou nan Jean-Rabel. Mwen... read more >
Jean Lucas, 15-Aug-10 7:55 pm
Stanley Lucas always has some kk mimi bull crap solutions on the bad situation state of Haiti that he helped created... read more >
Tiba, 16-Aug-10 8:33 am
Stanley Lucas is a competent Haitian. He is a great leader and I love his proposals for the country. I am very sad... read more >
Carel Mersilus, 16-Aug-10 9:46 am
Moi je dis que si, parceque l'occupant du Palais National doit laisser son poste coute que coute et faire en sorte... read more >
Robert P. Toussaint, 16-Aug-10 7:03 pm
What did Stanley get for ousting Aristide? Nothing. Stanley and the others pushists brought Haiti to its knees with... read more >
Jean Lucas, 16-Aug-10 10:56 pm
Mon frere, cette bourgeoisie de mercenaires dont vous parlez n'a jamais ete absente de la politique Haitienne. Elle... read more >
Jean Lucas, 16-Aug-10 11:09 pm
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