Le Retour De Tous Les Exiles Politiques Haitiens

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Comme l'ancien president general Raoul Cedras stated it in his own words: "There is no golden exile for any political leaders from being rich or poor. Exile is exile and home is home."

All Haitian political leaders should be allowed to return to Haiti without any condition or string attached to their return.

As we need to form the first Former Presidents Association of Haiti and the Constitution Council as well, we would like to see in Haiti all former presidents in a circle around the new Haitian palace to apologize to the Haitian public in order to start the reconciliation process in Haiti.

A public apology should satisfy all and we will have to hear them for their future projects for Haiti.

Aristide, Ertha Trouillot and Jean-Claude Duvalier would be a great asset for reforming the educational system of our country.

Raoul Cedras, Namphy and Himler Rebu would be a great asset for creating a new Haitian Revolutionary Army with the tasks to help with disasters and the rebuilding process in Haiti.

Chanoine, Merceron, Achille, Manigat, Frank Romain and others would help with other social projects.

Michelle Bennet would help restructuring Dominican/Haitian Cafes in Haiti

Reconciliation is the word and we want all of them back. The current MRE in Haiti should take the economic exile road if they do not want to change the economic landscape of Haiti.

Jean-Claude Duvalier and Jean-Bertrand Aristide are the uncontested popular leaders in Haiti now;therefore, they cannot live in exile anymore.

I am calling for a general mobilization in Haiti against the the Most Repugnant Elites of Haiti to allow the former presidents of Haiti to return as well as all other exiled Haitians abroad.

General Mobilization: Aristide and Jean-Claude must return now to Haiti...

Jean-marie, July 14 2010, 7:37 PM

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You people are nauseating and deserved everything you have gotten. Yes exiled people should be returning to their... read more >
Marcy Paul, 14-Jul-10 8:25 pm
Marcy, I could not have said it better. THANKS. read more >
Marie Janty, 14-Jul-10 8:56 pm
You are a piece of Haitian trash and you will never understand Haiti's socioeconomic ills. We cannot develop Haiti... read more >
Carline, 14-Jul-10 8:58 pm
You stink like a skunk. Madoda, Tchioul bourgeois. Maccaque, I will get you down soon. Asshole! read more >
Dieusibon, 14-Jul-10 9:00 pm
Les Duvaliers ne peuvent pas retourner en Haiti. Francois Duvalier a fait 60,000 morts en Haiti.Que Jean Claude s'en... read more >
Lakou Lakay, 14-Jul-10 9:11 pm
Carline do not talk bad about prostitutes because they are the most honest women on earth. read more >
Jean Claude, 14-Jul-10 9:18 pm
None of you make any kind of sense except for Marcy Paul. He seems to nailed right on the head. You people are... read more >
Dieufaite St. Fleur, 14-Jul-10 9:24 pm
Dieufaite St. Fleur says: RE: Le Retour De Tous Les Exiles Politiques Haitiens None of you make any kind of sense... read more >
Clean Haiti, 14-Jul-10 9:39 pm
Although I have never met Jean-Bertrand Aristide face-to-face. I was one of the key person who was writing his... read more >
Mena Moreau, 14-Jul-10 9:45 pm
Dieusibon says: RE: Le Retour De Tous Les Exiles Politiques Haitiens You stink like a skunk. Madoda, Tchioul... read more >
Baal, 14-Jul-10 9:46 pm
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