I Do Not Respond To Lies That Are Being Spread Around By Shameful Mulattoes

Dessalines The Avenger - April 2 2010, 1:15 PM

It takes strong Dessalines and Christophe to redeem strong Dark Skinned Haitians from internal slavery and colonization orchestrated by mulatto merchant elites in Haiti.

The worst commercial elite colonizers on earth.

I am asking all my friends not to answer any troublemaker postings until further notice.

I am working on their case until they learn their own lessons.

Be patient, for you will see some miracles soon. Some mouths will be closed forever, for lying tongues cannot plant the seed of democracy and prosperity.

All those attackers are the ones that are oppressing women in Haiti and overseas as well. Based on secretary Clinton's words the international community will invest in women in Haiti to help with the implementation of the rule of laws. I am welcoming such initiative and those paid arrogant mulatto nerchants' children will stop spreading lies in this site. The machismo culture will go down and women will be respected forever in Haiti.

The oppressors will be gone soon...

They have a little time to spread lies but their time will be over soon...

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Spencer says...

I thought that you were a man. Now you are a woman.Where did you get the sex change? In Brazil and under the influence... more »

T Laguerre says...

Mulattoes are crooks and the Arabs are cockroaches. We should clean those pits... more »