Anne Marie Made The Oligarchy Case In Haiti

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Ending the Oligarchy System in Haiti Now
What is an oligarchy system?

It is a government in which power lies in the hands of an elite minority.

Do we have an oligarchy system in Haiti?

How so?

I used to believe that Haiti had a democratic government for having a chamber of senate and a chamber of representatives where the government affairs are conducting under the leadership of a prime minister.

This is not the case due to the fact that Haiti has the most hidden oligarchic government than any other governments in the world.

Haiti's oligarchic system is very complex and sometimes some people call it "Bicephale Dictature" or "Administration De Doublure" or "Patrimonial Government", but in essence Haiti has been managed by a minority elite in every sense of the word. This minority elite controls the Haitian administration to enrich their families in diverting all Haitian funds destined to alleviate misery and suffering of the masses.

The mulattoes are in the Haitian administration to divert all Haitian funds and they are expert in money laundering.

Haiti is the poorest country because the mulattoes keep stealing money to enrich their families.

They are self-enriching elites in Haiti.

I ask the international community not to give a dime to Preval to prevent mulattoes from diverting funds to their families.

If mulattoes were managing very well this country, they would not have to drive in blinded cars and tinted windows which cost a lot of money to own. Mulattoes are thieves and they have to enter all Haitian public institutions by the back doors and not in the front doors.

They always have their offices on the second floor and never on the first floor.

Thieves always have to hide themselves, for the ugliness is on their face.
Some people are calling for mulatto presidents to prevent the mulatto CEOs from stealing within the Haitian public institutions, but this is not a good idea. We should end the administration of doublure to end that oligarchy in Haiti.

Mulattoes made Haiti the poorest country on earth.

We should do anything possible to end their oligarchic system and liberate Haiti.

Mulattoes are thieves and dirty crooks...

Anne Marie P. Levaillant, March 29 2010, 3:13 AM

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