why do you want Preval to leave office?2nd version!

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Everyone who became President in Haiti:right after 1 or 2 years of governance or governing, the activists of the country strike against Him asking for his resignation..from 1986 to this present time:everything is samo..samo, nothing has changed and the mentality of some of them remains as it is where there is no progress and sign of change.

I would say on the other hand that Haiti becomes a land of people who look only for selfesteem, selfinterest,not having any compassion for suffered people, they are hungry and thirsty of power and they don't even care about the national soil. Their ambitions are to survive life in any conditions no matter of what the price of their inconsequences coul have been...they just want to fullfil their negative dreams and ambitions.

how do people ask for President Preval resignation in this terrible moment?He said several times that he would leave office on february 7 2011 and some politicians are still talking about his departure.

I heard that they're proceeding to the construction of some houses to secure the people who are sleeping all over the street and what for do they look for preval resignation?

Jeanrobert Bastien, March 15 2010, 3:39 PM

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